Working in partnership with leaders and organizations to expand their possibilities and achieve their goals.

Coaching for Individuals

Rosann sees each client within the context of their work, family, professional, and personal needs and goals. She incorporates this awareness in her work to design each unique coaching engagement to meet the specific goals of the client. Below are some of the issues that Rosann addresses with her clients: 

Executive and leadership coaching for EDs and CEOs: working in partnership with the executive to balance the many demands of the position, including fundraising, financial and personnel management, program design and implementation, and board engagement.

Career and transition coaching: working with individuals at all levels of their career ladder to help them explore options, hone their resume, LinkedIn, or “elevator speech”, and develop and execute a networking plan to identify new employment opportunities.

CEO and Board Chair relationship building: working individually and in tandem with the nonprofit CEO and Board Chair to strengthen their communication and shared goals in building a powerful partnership to advance their organization’s mission.

Making the Ask: working with nonprofit CEOs to strengthen their skills and confidence in making personal solicitation asks to current and prospective major donors.

Senior and middle management coaching: working with current and emerging leaders to build their leadership presence, improve their team leading skills, and position them for future growth.

Reinventing: working with seasoned executives looking to step out of that role and step into embracing a new and rewarding identity. Rosann brings her own personal experience with shifting from a long career as an executive to developing a new identity as an executive coach and consultant.

Consulting for Organizations

Rosann advises, facilitates, and develops specific products in response to a range of management and leadership issues, including the topics described below:

  • Strategic Positioning
  • Team Building
  • 360 Performance Reviews
  • Business Plan Development
  • Organizational Structuring: staff roles and responsibilities
  • Board Development and Governance Systems and Policies

Rosann also serves as an Interim Executive Director for organizations in leadership transition.